About Bubble Shack Canada

Hello! and thank you for stopping by to check us out! TGE Premium Products & Distribution is extremely pleased to offer our Canadian customers Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company products. You may wonder why a Canadian company would offer a Hawaiian product line such as this, and so I will tell.

It was while on  my own personal winter vacation to Maui, that a friend and I first discovered Bubble Shack. Early on durring this vacation that we ended up looking for a lotion to help with a severe sun burn my friend had encountered. After trying several other lotions that only irritated her skin more so, we then stumbbled upon the Bubble Shack silky lotions. We purchased a bottle and shortly afterwards applied some to her burn. She commented on how it soothed her burn and didn't hurt. By noon the next day, we were both in total disbelief of how fast her burn had healed! I had tried the silky lotion lotion myself and being a typical guy who can't stand greasy lotions now found myself really liking how fast this lotion absorbed and how well it moisurized. We were both very impressed by this amazing lotion!, so much so, that just before we left the island we purchased 2 more bottles. A few months later and after almost using up all but the last bit of my Bubble Shack Coconut Volcano lotion, I began to worry of how I would get more. I say worry, as it had performed wonders on my own skin being a victum of eczema and dry skin due to our severely dry Alberta winters. It's kind of funny but as I neared the end of my lotion, I found myself cutting the bottle in half to scrape the last bit out! For some time, I had been wanting to start up a new company where the philosophy and mission would be to only offer products that could be described as Great! A company where "so so" products simply would not be offered. Then it hit me! Bubble Shacks silky lotion had not just met, but even exceded this criteria hands down! Well, now we are pleased and able to offer our customers the same product line that first impressed us so much! Here at TGE Premium Products & Distribution we are confident that, you too will be thoroughly impressed with Bubble Shack Products and pass onto your friends and family this little known about treasure. Enjoy!

"As the Bubble Shack Soap Company describes it" - Simple, uncomplicated beauty is our mantra and consuming lives with all things Hawaii is our passion. Adhering to our belief that natural doesn't have to be boring; we design all of our handmade bath and body products and soy candles with a funky, Hawaiian flair. Bubble Shack, is a little Bungalow in the Waiawa Valley of Oahu, Hawaii that's filled with fabulously exotic and authentically Hawaiian bath and body products and soy candles. From our soothing handmade Big and Bubbly Hawaiian soaps, Organic 5 in 1 Body Washes and hand stirred Aloe and Shea Hawaiian Silky Lotions, to our 100% soy candle line Bungalow Glow and organic dog wash line Bungalow Woof, each and every Bubble Shack product is 100% vegan, paraben free, paraffin free, TEA free, sulfate free and phthalate free. All Bubble Shack bath and body products and soy candles are naturally handmade in Hawaii. We use many locally harvested herbs, flowers and other naturally grown ingredients from Hawaii. Even the exotic hardwood bowls used to contain our 100% soy candles are ecologically forested, and designed in Hawaii. And best of all, each time you purchase any products from our natural dog shampoo line, a percentage of every sale goes back to the Bungalow Woof Foundation and is then donated to no-kill dog rescue groups in Hawaii. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, natural products that are all made in Hawaii, good for the environment, good for animals, good for people, and not too tough on the pocket book. Enjoy!