Flowers in My shower 128oz bulk size Dog Wash


What furry little lady pooch doesn't want to smell like flowers? Flowers in My Shower is made with an all natural formula with organic extracts. It is free of sulfates, detergents, paragons, phthalates and artificial colorants. It will naturally rid your pet of flees and ticks. Made with Hawaiian coconut and Kukui nut oil to heal hot spots and maintain a very shinny coat. You will notice a wonderful and long lasting fresh scent from the essential oils and reduced shedding with omega 3 fatty acids from the kukui nut oil and shea butter. Bubble Shack Dog Washes are not just deodorizing, but as well are naturally anti bacterial. With healing aloe vera and shea butter your dogs skin will be soothed and less itchy. As a side note, some owners use this product as their own body wash.