About Us

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada was developed in 2006 to fulfill a desire to offer a highly fuel-efficient, reliable and sustainable option for consumers seeking alternative power generation options.

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is a trade name which operates under 419609 Alberta Ltd. and is located in Diamond City just a short 12 minutes drive north of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 419609 Alberta Ltd. has been in business since 1990 and has been involved in the manufacturing and rental of electric bumper boats and tadpoles, as well as being a manufacturer of industrial grade polyurethane dead blow hammers for over ten years.

Troy Erler has many years of metal fabricating experience and also has an extensive background in machining, having been fortunate to have worked under two highly skilled tool and die makers. His knowledge of working on motors came from years of repairing and modifying 2 stroke motorcycle engines. To his credit he has several inventions such as the electric powered Tad-Pull (a battery powered swimming toy/aid for children) and Snow Slips/ Snow Grips (2 different foot traction devices for snowmobiles that are sold as genuine Yamaha accessories). He has also developed  Impact Poly Hammers which is a highly praised line of Industrial grade dead blow hammers.

George Erler (Troys father) is a journeyman electronics tech from the days of tube radios and TVs. George is known as someone that can fix almost anything with nothing and the kind of guy that could and did use a Black and Decker drill as a metal lathe. Over the years he has taught more than one person that you often can get it done with a little inginuity. Many of those who come to our shop will meet george as he is the designated operater of the old Mcormic tractor/loader we sometimes use to load customers engines. Both George and Troy have developed several acreage properties together, which has given both of them extensive knowledge regarding rural acreage developement, energy efficient home design and construction experience.

The new headquarters for ECO Diesel Solutions Canada is a testimony to Troy’s quest for a luxurious, yet highly energy efficient home/shop combination featuring geo-thermal heating and insulated concrete-form construction. Troy is currently entertaining and exploring the possibilities of setting up a small yet expandable solar farm to become a grid feed power producer.

Troy and George have always made every effort to please our valued customers, and we look forward to doing business with you. Eco Diesel Solutions Canada can be contacted via:

Email: impactpolyhammers@gmail.com

Phone/Fax: (403) 329-4368