We have place another order for a small batch of GTC Listeroid 6/1 engines while we are still able to import them into Canada. Over half of these engines have been pre sold. If you are interested in owning one of these unique engines or wish to have one of these engines held from this batch for you, we are accepting $1200.00 (Canadian funds) deposits for each engine sold. These engines are expected to land at our location by the end of May or early June. Please note that these are not bare bones Listeroids and that they have many extra features which make them stand out from the rest. Please call Troy at (403) 329 4368 for more information.


August 13th/2010

As owner of Eco Diesel Solutions Canada, I have noticed a substancial transformation of our company since we first started with importing Listeroid engines 3 years ago. As many of the people interested in and  that inquire about Listeroid engines, they all seemed to have a genuine interest in off grid power or were people that lived off grid, As a result of this customer trend, I began to pursue quality suppliers and products relating to off grid power such as generators, solar modules, inverters and deep cycle storage batteries. I do find it amazing that in just  3 short years Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is now able to provide our customers with some of the best off grid power equipment available. There has been a lot learned in a short time and there is still much to be learned in this field. I am thankfull to those suppliers and manufacturers that have provided me with the knowledge they have shared. On behalf of our company, I would like to thank the many customers that have entrusted us with their business and allowed us to provide them with their off grid power products.